Life Planning in NM


Life Planning in New Mexico

Regular book format, ISBN: 978-0-9632173-0-1, Retail Price $24.95, 334 pages, 6" x 9" format, 12 pt. text with colored cover, softcover, table of contents and detailed index. Or order the Kindle edition for $22.95.

The book is a guide to New Mexico law on powers of attorney, health care decision-making, nursing home benefits, wills, trusts and probate. Written in plain English, the book will help educate and inform senior citizens, their families, those who work with seniors and others about important issues.

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Merri Rudd, who served as Bernalillo County’s Probate Judge from 2001 through 2010, writes and speaks about legal issues affecting senior citizens. Shannon Broderick Bulman is a longtime Santa Fe elder law attorney who enjoys advocating for senior citizens and their families. See Authors page for more information about the authors.

Life Planning in New Mexico includes information on:

  • Management During Illness or Incapacity: Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Financial Matters, including the new Uniform Power of Attorney Act; Choosing an Agent; Durability and Effective Date of Power of Attorney; Law Changes; Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Health Care Decisions in New Mexico: Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act; Right to Die and End-of-Life Decisions; EMS-DNR Orders; Assisted Suicide Prohibited
  • Planning for Nursing Home Care: Benefits Available; Income and Resource Eligibility Requirements; Transferring Assets; Protecting Resources; VA Benefits
  • New Mexico Law Regarding Wills: Making a Will; Choosing a Personal Representative; Titles on Property; Second Marriages; Dying without a Will
  • Trusts in New Mexico: Uniform Trust Act; Testamentary Trusts; Revocable Living Trusts; Creating a Trust; Pourover Wills; Tax Planning Issues
  • Probating an Estate in New Mexico: Court Procedure; Tasks of Personal Representative; Paying Debts; Distributing Assets; Probate Shortcuts
  • APPENDIX 1-RESOURCES: Organizations Aiding Senior Citizens; Toll Free Telephone Numbers and Web Site Addresses
  • APPENDIX 2-FORMS: Optional Health Care Decision-Making Form; Transfer on Deed Deed Form, Cremation Authorization Form; Affidavit of Successor in Interest; Affidavit of Transfer of Homestead

We are sorry that we can no longer offer supplements to the book’s 2008 4th edition, 2000 third edition, 1997 second edition, or the original edition dated 1992. Those editions are now very old, and many laws have changed.

See Family Law in New Mexico by Barbara L. Shapiro and Antoinette Sedillo López.

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