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Do-it-yourself forms for uncontested divorces, as well as Orders of Protection for families with domestic violence issues, are now available on the New Mexico Supreme Court’s web.

“Do it yourself” forms for the Probate Courts may be found on the New Mexico Supreme Court website. Click on “Probate Forms” on the right side of the page.

The five forms below are included in the Appendix of Life Planning in New Mexico, which discusses them in detail. The forms may be copied without the author’s permission. You may use similar forms from other sources. Also below is information on how to access New Mexico’s Uniform Power of Attorney Act and a “transfer on death deed” form.

Do not use these forms if you do not understand them. Consult an attorney of your choice if you have questions.

Some of these forms may be found in office supply stores. The first five links open Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

  1. Values History Form (pdf)
  2. Advance Health Care Directive (pdf)
  3. Transfer on Death Deed (TODD) Information
  4. Cremation Authorization Form (pdf)
  5. Affidavit of Successor in Interest (pdf)
  6. Affidavit of Homestead Transfer to Surviving Spouse (pdf)

You can also research other New Mexico laws by clicking on the New Mexico Statutes folder link on the left side of the Statutes and Rules site.

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  1. The UPAA (Power of Attorney) link failed today. Will that be updated? Thank you.

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